Relationship Counselling

You would love to reconnect with your partner, but you just can’t seem to get the message across.
You want to save your marriage, but you don’t know how.

You feel the need to establish a better relationship with your children.

You would love to have a safe place to discuss the difficult times you are having with your employer.

With Debbie Stern, you will learn how to stretch beyond current behaviour patterns to create a new experience which meets your needs.
You will become equipped with new tools, effective communication skills, and a commitment to growth.

Therapy Methods


Are you and your spouse struggling?
Would you like to move past old scars in the relationship?

Within the IMAGO dialogue, couples are able to uncover past wounds, understand current adaptive strategies, and set intentions around what they want to create in their current relationship.

Brief Focal Therapy
Brief Focal Therapy

Do you have a hard time setting goals?
Do goals seem unattainable to you?

Meet BFT, where we set bite-sized goals within a time frame and meet to make it work!

Open Ended
Open Ended

Do you feel like you can’t move forward because you’re stuck?
Do you need time to explore your past?

The open-ended method is for you!

You are not limited to a time frame.
Together, we can explore your past and current circumstances to help you move forward.

Remote Therapy

Would you love to sign up for counselling but can’t see yourself having the time to leave your house?

No worries, I can work with you from the comfort of your own home.

Ready to go for it?

Do you feel like some of these services might be able to help you? Feel free to reach out!

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